Vision and dreams. And the journey that takes us there

Pitalia Capital is an equity investment company.  We solely deploy private family office equity.  We do not invest capital for institutional investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and endowments.  We work with committed founders and management teams on their journey towards creating value in their businesses and are able to release capital for de-risking and growth.  Whether it is capital, sector expertise, development of a management team or simply support from a benevolent investor, our approach is tailored towards what is actually required.  We work across all sectors but have in-house expertise in healthcare and manufacturing.  We support investments with initial funding between £1m to £10m but retain discretion to be flexible in our approach.  We ensure that we consider what the follow-on funding of our investments will be to fully support businesses.

Our culture reflects our teams experience of working on both sides of deals, investor and investee, so we understand what it means to be a founder.  We understand that it’s as much about the people and relationships as it is about the deal.

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We want to do things in the right way, embracing the power of the human spirit, loyalty and strong leadership with a focus on sustainability and positive social impact.

pitalia realestate