01. Micregen

Micregen is a UK based biotech company, established in 2015 by leading stem cell scientists to translate their lifetimes work through to patient benefit. Their stem cell derived therapeutics, referred to as Secretomix, will have a significant impact on many conditions from neonatal therapies through to the many inflammatory and degenerative conditions associated with ageing. Our interest in this company stemmed from the huge clinical potential to reduce morbidity, mortality and increase quality of life. As with all our investments we were significantly influenced by the quality of the management team.

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02. Zilch

Both millennials and Gen Z’s are truly a breed apart. They were born in the era where technology started to truly show its stuff and change the world. They do things differently. Zilch is for them. Zilch brings an entirely new model of paying for online shopping, allowing consumers to spread the cost of purchases over 6 weeks, anywhere. We were keen to support Zilch as it was clear they had a ground breaking technology that would change and challenge the norms and traditions of conventional payment models. The management team had significant and relevant experience in the FinTech arena and were passionate about making Zilch the future of online payment.

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03. LoveCorn

LoveCorn is a savoury corn snack that is carving itself a new product category. It is well established in USA and in the UK and through its quality taste and strong brand is starting to feature alongside the most established international brands. The management team have steadily been adding new flavours to the range and have plans to expand the product type offering, leveraging the Love brand. We supported the management team as it was clear that they know their sector well and have a clear strategy to grow the brand in both their territories whilst building a world class management team.

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04. Robelia

Robelia’s business model is residential property development in prime London with class leading design. To date, seven developments have been completed and successfully sold and there is a pipeline of stock currently in development.

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