About Us

Vision and dreams. And the journey that takes us there. That’s what a good life consists of. But to create value is where the magic lies. And to create value at scale takes a certain dogged determination and way of doing things through embracing the power of the human spirit and loyalty. These things come through good leadership. The product is key and must be best in class and delivered in a way where customers can objectively grade its quality to allow refinement towards perfection. These are the types of businesses we seek to connect with. Businesses with soul.

“At Pitalia we are focused on creating value through investing in great people.  Our values are underpinned by the fundamentals of good human nature and we seek to support opportunities in various commercial sectors and property, working with like-minded people who are determined to create value and improve the lives of fellow humans.”

Anil Pitalia | Founder and Head of Private Family Office


Pitalia Real Estate

Pitalia Real Estate invests and develops in the UK property market. They will buy property outright and work in partnership with both owners and developers. They value their working relationships and will choose reputation over profit. They are committed to owning and developing assets that embrace sustainable occupancy that contribute to a wider improvement in the country’s built environment.


Pitalia Capital

Pitalia Capital is an equity investment company, deploying private family office cash not third party capital. They aim to enable ambitious management teams with flexible funding solutions and the strategic resource to create real value. They invest across the full business lifecycle from earlier stage growth capital through to mature businesses and are committed to improving the lives of fellow humans by investing in and working alongside great people, with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

Meet the team

Anil Pitalia

Founder and Head of Private Family Office

Anil is the founder of Pitalia. He is also the founder of SpaMedica which he established in 2008 and grew to be the largest provider of cataract surgery in the UK, delivering services at 18 locations nationwide and employing over 500 people. Whilst he spent much of his life as a cataract surgeon, he also has a vast amount of commercial knowledge, together with extensive experience of working with private equity and investing in businesses and property ventures.

He believes that it is the people of any organisation that make the difference in achieving success and in developing a culture that allows people to be the best that they can be.

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David Lathwood

David Lathwood

CEO, Pitalia Real Estate

David is the CEO of Pitalia Real Estate and brings an impressive track record and wealth of experience.  He has been involved in the UK property market for over 35 years and has handled some of the largest property transactions in the country over that period.

He specialises in the acquisition and evolution of property development and investment across a number of sectors including commercial, industrial, retail and residential.

His experience extends to most corners of the UK with strong contacts in the UK Banking and Institutional markets.

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Greg Ball

Development and Investment Director, Pitalia Real Estate

Greg Ball, development and investment director, joins the Pitalia Real Estate team from Urban Splash and prior to that he worked with U+I, JLL and Muse Developments.

He brings an enormous pedigree of working on large and complex regeneration schemes which align perfection with Pitalia Real Estate’s vision of acquiring and developing assets that they can add value to and make best in class.

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John Davies

John Davies

Managing Partner, Pitalia Capital

Managing partner of the Pitalia Capital team, John is a highly experienced and successful investor with over 20 years experience in venture capital, private equity and corporate finance industries.

During the last 6 years, John has been focused on investing in, advising and exiting SME’s across the UK during which time he built a valuable network of seasoned entrepreneurs and trusted advisors that have helped to deliver value across multiple investee companies.  At Pitalia Capital he will focus on growing the team, targeting new investments and creating a diverse portfolio of businesses.

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